Hello Everyone…
We want to start off by thanking a number of amazing couples for inviting us into your lives every week…it’s because of all of you, both “online” and in “for real life” that have made our transition into our new nomadic lifestyle everything we hoped it would be.

for Luna…

While our story is familiar to many others, we also made that decision to sell everything and live full time on the road. Nothing could have prepared us mentally or emotionally for this new adventure. What we did know was the change would definitely have an impact on our lives financially and prepare us for our ever changing financial future. If we could look back at our lives and place everything in perspective, our daughter, Kiana, says it best, “everything happens just as it should.”

If there’s one thing that we could collectively share about our new lives, we would sum it up in one word, “Community.” Its been two years now and we have met some of the most amazing people everywhere we go, from right here in our back yard at Valencia Travel Village, wine weekends in Paso, our new venture back in Las Vegas at the Las Vegas Motorcoach Resort and everything in between. I’ll just say we have a lot of catching up to do.

In a nutshell, ?We love wine and our last name is Quick?We love theVillage ⛸We love the LA Kings! We love our two monkeys (Keanu, now 24 and married to our beautiful daughter-in-law, Lauren; and Kiana, who recently celebrated a ZOOM Birthday in April) We miss and love our puppies ? We love to travel✈️⚓️and We love CrossFit ?. We’re also freelance wine bloggers and web developers on the weekends and parent-volunteers and season sponsors for the local high school athletic programs (Volleyball, Hockey, Baseball and Golf) during the school year. And in lieu of having crazy professional schedules of our own (we’ll eventually get to that), we enjoy every opportunity to share a great bottle of wine, accompanied with great conversations.

Enjoy a day in the life of life’s winederful experiences as we do our best to bring you novice wine reviews of some of our favorite wines from around the country (traveling full time in Ho’okipa, our 2016 Tiffin Allegro Bus 40AP) and around the world (we’ll be flying on these trips of course : )

Enjoy the journey…Ho’okipa

Thank you & Mahalo to Tom & Darlene…we fell in love with Ho’okipa the moment we saw all of your beautiful photos (pictured here)…