Its Been 10 Years in the Making

Its been 10 years in the making and we were looking forward to celebrating the completion of our wine cellar with the most wonderful of friends. With great friends come great ideas and with great ideas we didn’t have to think twice about hosting theVillage for an official “Grand Opening” of our wine cellar – Chateau Le Quickie.

Traditionally, having grown up in the Hawaiian Islands on the Island of O’ahu, there was nothing more fitting for our grand opening than having pupus on the menu. By definition, pupus [poo-poos] is any hot or cold bite sized appetizers, often served in a varied assortment. Talk about a varied assortment…It was perfect! From sushi to chocolate covered strawberries and everything in between. Let’s just say this was a wine tasting like no other.

It wouldn’t be a grand opening without having our winerdful friends bring their favorite bottle of wine for the highly anticipated ribbon cutting ceremony.

  • 2001 Chateau Moulin Haut-Laroque, Grand Vin De Bordeaux, Fronsac, Gironde, FR (FRANCE)
  • 2007 Senor De Lesmos, Crianza, Bodegas Casa Juan, Sa-Rioja, S.A. (SPAIN)
  • 2008 Diamond Ridge Vineyards and Winery, Pinot Noir, Napa, CA (USA)
  • 2010 Silverado Vineyards, Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon, Napa, CA (USA)
  • 2010 Chateau Le Crock, Grand Vin De Bordeaux, Saint-Estephe, FR (FRANCE)
  • 2011 Justin Vineyards & Winery, Focus, Syrah, Paso Robles, CA (USA)
  • 2012 Rodney Strong Estate Vineyards, Chalk Hill Chardonnay, Sonoma County, CA (USA)
  • 2013 Main & Geary Vintners, Napa Valley, Cabernet Sauvignon, Graton, Sonoma County, CA (USA)
  • 2013 The Prisoner Wine Company, The Prisoner Napa Valley Red Wine, Oakville, CA (USA)
  • 2013 Justin Vineyards & Winery, Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, CA (USA)
  • 2013 J.Lohr Estates, Cabernet Sauvignon, Paso Robles, CA (USA)

Thank you to all of our beautiful friends, family and neighbors who celebrated this special occasion with us…and here’s to that bottle of Scarecrow and M.Etain that we never opened!


Sources and Credits:

Music: “Red Red Wine”

Released: 1983
Songwriter(s): Neil Diamond

cwclogo85Closet Wine Cellars – Cheers to Carlos and the guys at Closet Wine Cellars!!! Their distinctive racking system was the perfect choice in converting our closet into a beautiful wine cellar. We couldn’t be more happy with the results.


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